Experience & Specialized Expertise Are The Difference Between A Good Project and a GREAT Project

The Ballard Group’s breadth of our portfolio, with 40 years of experience, plus our commitment to continually enhance our knowledge-base and stay current or ahead of the curve with the latest innovations in design and technology enables the design of comprehensive, sound, and innovative mechanical systems tailored to the individual needs of every client, on time and within budget, no matter where the project physically resides.

We are committed to provide energy efficient mechanical and plumbing system designs regardless of the owner’s plans for LEED (Leader in Energy Efficient Design) Certification.  We are proud of our history designing green, even before it was popular, and our record of being on design teams that achieve LEED Building Certification.  Designing toward LEED Certification or simply with the utmost energy efficiency in mind is a strong goal of The Ballard Group in every market.

LEED Certification & Green Design Projects

We have developed several niche markets over the years, and one thing is obvious when specialized mechanical design is needed: it is difficult to find qualified people to work with for projects having specialized requirements.  These markets have developed many long term working relationships in the industry with both Architects and Owners of multiple properties. These specialized markets are:

K-12 Schools;

Higher Education/University Facilities;

Recreation and Wellness Centers;

Hospitals and Medical Centers.

Each of these markets poses very different engineering criteria.  Recreation and wellness centers require a clear understanding of humidity and dehumidification in the climate where the facility is built.  K-12 schools are built and renovated under tight time and budget constraints.  University facilities usually serve multiple functions in one building, often tying into a pre-existing campus heating/cooling system.  Hospitals and medical centers demand very definitive settings with smaller windows for acceptable temperature and humidity, as well as microbial filtration and clean room environments.

The Ballard Group has a very diverse portfolio.  These projects utilize the knowledge garnered from the specialty areas to meet the needs of the building users no matter what that use may be.  Some of these additional project markets are:

Libraries & Museums

Commercial Facilities  including: Office, Retail, Manufacturing & Warehousing; Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens; Multifamily, Mixed Use & Hospitality; and Financial Institutions

Municipal (Local, State & Federal)

Religious Facilities

Regardless of the type of design, we understand the importance of working within a strong design team, understanding the needs of each facilities department, having a working relationship with contractors and regular field verification in order produce a quality building that meets or exceeds the expectations of the owner for years to come.


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